Can you grab So Much Sushi prizes?

So Much Sushi Slots

Even the title here gives you a rough idea of what to expect. However nothing beats playing the game itself, even if you start in free play mode to give it a try.

This looks to be a pretty basic slots game at first glance, but there is more here than you might imagine. Let's go through what you can expect so you know where you stand with So Much Sushi.

How many reels and paylines are in So Much Sushi?

This is a pretty well-thought out game, especially since it has five colorful reels and a total of 25 lines to play with.

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

The smallest coin value is just one cent. You can however go all the way up to 20 cents per coin, so there are lots of options for everyone regardless of the size of budget in play.

Are there any special symbols to look for during play?

The main feature here is the appearance of different types of sushi, as you'd expect. Rather than having wild symbols and so on, you'll get the chance to split pieces of sushi. If you can grab a winning combo featuring one particular piece of sushi, every piece in the combination will split. This produces a higher chance of a bigger winning amount to be added to your account. It could be as high as 640x the amount you wagered on that line!

There is a scatter symbol too though, which is represented by a bottle of fish sauce and something bright green in a bowl! Look out for the So Much Sushi logo too, since this can also increase the odds of a good line win.

Could you unlock a bonus round?

Yes, you can try and get three scatter symbols in play in order to get access to a free spins round. You don't get too many free spins here but there is a chance to win some big prizes while the reels spin away.

Download and play So Much Sushi now to try your luck!

We loved playing So Much Sushi. The sushi splitter feature in particular is the biggest unique feature of this game, especially since we cannot ever remember seeing anything similar elsewhere. Being able to split your sushi in a winning combo means better prizes for you, which is worth trying for.