Cupid's Jackpot Slots

Cupid is the little guy with romance on his mind, as he flies around with his bow and arrow looking to strike some people down with love. The Cupid's Jackpot slot game takes this character and makes the most of the romantic theme, as we see in our full slot game review.

There are many games we've fallen in love with in the past, but with love as the driving force in this one, does it manage to hit the spot? Let's see what Cupid's Jackpot holds in store for us.

Developer information

If you have tried some games from this same developer in the past, you'll recognize the creator from the appearance of the controls. We'll get off to a strong start in our review by revealing that Arrows Edge has been hard at work creating this one.

They have included a demo

It's common to find practice versions of all the Arrows Edge slots - something we are glad they have done with this slot game as well.

A theme suitable for Valentine's Day

The game isn't based on Valentine's Day, going for the overall romance theme instead. It's ideal for that time of year though if you're in the mood for all the trappings of the day.

Design elements in Cupid's Jackpot slots

There are roses, there are chocolates, there are hearts everywhere you look… and there's Cupid too, of course. Everything is bright and fluffy, with clouds in the background of the pink variety. No storm clouds here! There are even some hot air balloons - perhaps to take some romantic couples up and away for a while.

Reels, jackpots, and more: Learn about the Cupid's Jackpot slot game before you begin

We have a standard 5 x 3 format in action for this slot game. One thing you don't always expect to see is a collection of three progressive jackpots. You get all three above the reels, with each one bigger than the one before it. These have the usual Arrows Edge jackpot names - Cash Grab is the smallest, with Super Slots as the biggest and the Mystery Jackpot sitting in between them.

You can guess that Cupid is the wild symbol here. He's labeled too and can substitute for everything apart from another labeled symbol - the bonus. This looks like a heart shot through with one of Cupid's arrows.

Payline quantity in play

You can wager on 50 paylines - and none can be deselected, so make sure you can afford the minimum bet if you're playing for real.

How much does the game cost to play?

The one-cent minimum per line means the smallest bet is worth 50 cents. There are various other amounts available too, maxing out at a much bigger $300.

Where is the paytable?

This sits at the bottom of the reels over on the left. Look for the question mark, select it, and the table loads.

Free spins don't appear… but respins do

Finding three of those bonus hearts triggers five respins. You will see all three bonus symbols change into a different wild before they start. The wild this time is a Sticky Wild Heart. As the name suggests, these remain where they landed for the respin round.

Every additional bonus icon transforms into the Sticky Wild Heart symbol too, awarding another respin when it does so. If you find three bonus symbols on one respin, you'll see your remaining respins boosted by another set of five.

Is there a bonus round?

Yes, and it is a quick but decent one. If you find four or five bonus symbols, you won't trigger the respin round. Instead, you'll trigger an instant prize. This can be worth anything up to 120x the amount you wagered when the bonus symbols landed.

Do we know what the RTP is?

No, Arrows Edge hasn't revealed the percentage for the game.

Do we like Cupid's Jackpot slots?

We do - it's a great game and very light and fluffy in tone. If you want a little romance, this could well be the ideal slot to try. Jackpots, respins, a bonus prize… it all adds up to a score of nine out of 10 points from us.

When can we hear about some jackpot winners?

It's impossible to say when someone might get the unknown trigger needed to drop one of those jackpots. We'll let you know if we hear of some good news though.

Play the demo to meet Cupid

While the game is easy to play, with nothing too complicated to work out, playing the demo is the ideal way to become used to spinning the reels.

Find the real game at all good Arrows Edge casinos

Several reputable sites include games from this developer, so watch for Cupid's Jackpot to appear there.

Can you play on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, this slot is fine to play on Android or iOS if you wish.