2 Million BC Slots

This is one of those games with a title that just makes you want to click to find out more. We played 2 Million BC so we could review it for you and we think it might make you want to play yourself. This engaging and amusing 3D game certainly packs in a lot of features as you'll see here.

How many reels and paylines does 2 Million BC have?

You'll see five reels in play and there are 30 paylines to bet on at most. You have to select odd-numbered lines to bet on though, so you'd bet on one, three or five lines and so on, up to 28 where you can add on one line at a time.

What are your minimum and maximum bet amounts?

Firstly you can bet anything from one to five coins on every enabled payline. As for amounts you can try several of them between 0.02 at the lowest end of the scale and 0.50 at the highest end.

Can you find any special symbols?

Firstly look out for the fire symbol with logs. This can trigger free spins when you find three or more. Acorns are good too as these trigger the bonus round we'll discuss below. Diamonds can trigger some nice prizes but you will want to find them for an altogether different reason too.

Is there a second screen bonus level?

Remember those acorns? Get three or more and enter the Saber Attacks round. The aim is to try and knock out a saber-tooth tiger to get as many credits as you can for the best payout.

There's another bonus too, which is called the Diamond Bonus round. Look for at least three diamonds on the reels and you get to work with the caveman again on the second screen. This time you'll choose a method to try and get the diamond from the saber-tooth tiger.

Download 2 Million BC slots today and give it a try!

The best feature of this game is the 3D effect you get when you have a winning line. There are lots of symbols in play - some of which trigger the chance to win more prizes as we've seen - so 2 Million BC really does pack a considerable punch. Try it today and enjoy the benefits of playing this amazing game. Watch out for the caveman watching every spin!