Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots

Betsoft's Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot could just as well have been named "Wow Slots". Two lovely ladies - with wings, no less - are front-and-center of this 5 reel, 30 payline max Video Slot. With the riveting graphics for which Betsoft is known on full display here, Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots has an almost cinematic appeal. You can either succumb to your dark side as a cute but deadly succubus, or welcome the light as an angelic beauty. Indeed, in this game, you do a little bit of both!

Game Details

With these pretty embodiments of right and wrong sitting on either side of your shoulders, the game lets you turn a dial to choose which one you wish to play as - turn right for right and left for bad. Center is reserved for the realist who desires a little bit of both. Just beware that if you aren't a realist (arguably) and choose either side, the Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot becomes a 5 reel, 15 payline Slot instead of the complete 30 paylines - so there aren't quite as many ways to win. It's all balanced out by the relatively high variance in this Betsoft Video Slot - which means you win with greater frequency than in other slots.

As for some the benefits exclusive to either side of the behavior spectrum, the Bad Girl can grant you up to a 4 x Multiplier - although you tend to win less frequently overall. The Good Girl, on the other hand, gives you just a 2 x Multiplier max; but you win a lot more frequently. So are you a pleasure-delayer, or do you want it fast and often? Betsoft's Good Girl, Bad Girl lets you decide. And then, of course, there's the Center position and the entire board is yours to play.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Symbols and More

The symbols on the reels are indicative of the quirky nature of this slot. It's anyone's guess why the software designers decided to put a furry cat as a symbol; the Good Girl and the Bag Girl are perfectly understandable symbol choices though. One of the two cats looks like it will pounce on anything that moves; assume it belongs to the Bad Girl. The other looks like a bundle of sweet fun. There's also a golden Halo symbol that functions as the Wild for the Good Girl portion of the game, and a Pitchfork that acts as the Wild for the Bad Girl option.

In addition to the higher card jackets, look out for the Money Circle symbol. It grants you entrance to the Bonus Levels when you land three of them on the reels. The riveting graphics change depending on whether you've chosen to play as the Dark or as the Light. The Money Circle will be spun in the fire pits of hell in the Bad Girl's game, or in the fluffy whites and unblemished blues of Heaven if you play as the Good Girl. But at the end of the day, you've got a chance to win some great cash and prizes as either.