Sugar Pop Slots

If you are looking for a way to quench that sweet tooth? Here is the answer, SugarPop slots! This is a brand new type of game that is a lot like Candy Crush app on Facebook, which is the hottest app out there but now it can be played like a slot. Sugar Pop is the newest slot game to come from the Betsoft suite and is described best as a combination of Bejewelled and Candy Crush.

Sugar Pop slots uses all the good stuff that players just love like big payouts, great bonuses, and more. The game can be played for free but it is also available for Mac, Linux, Windows and mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

There is nothing ordinary about Sugar Pop with the multiple levels and cascading reels that all help in becoming a winner which requires popping the candy. The goal is to get three pieces in a row and have done it correctly, the candy pieces will shatter and additional pieces will take their place and you will receive new special candy.

The special candies trigger different features dependent on your winning combinations. 4 or more of the same color creates a '€œSuper Color'€ that offers multipliers. match five of the same pieces of candy and create a color bomb which will shatter the entire screen. Once you earn a level 10 or up and you get a candy cane on any of the reels, the candy cane will explode all of the candies within the same row and column. Once you get past level 20, get the cotton candy symbol and a tornado will appear which will sweep away other symbols and help to complete winning combinations.

After you have reached a level 12, when you get a jellybean it will fly across the screen causing anything that it touches to explode into new wild symbols. Level 6 players can play the gum drop which sucks up a bunch of candy until it explodes. The lollipop bonus feature gives you a second chance for a nice win and your level does not matter. Get a lollipop during your final spin and it will add a new level of symbols.

There is a lone piece of chocolate and if you get it a 3 x 3 box appears and the chocolate will melt generating new symbols and perhaps more wins. On Level 8 players have the opportunity to crush more symbols with the jawbreaker. Available on Level 4 and up, the White Chocolate launches almonds at targets that turn into new symbols.

In all, there are 20 levels and when you get a certain pattern of candy that you will want to hit where you can win an additional 600 points in your Level Up meter.