Coffee Gambling

Many of us love having coffee while we play online slots and other casino games. But did you know that your choice of coffee will have an effect on how you play online slots? Certain types of coffee have been linked to different personality types and lifestyles, and this certainly translates to your gaming habits as well. That said, let's take a look at what type of player you are based on your coffee-drinking habits.

Caffé Latte - Looking for the Latest Slots

As a latte drinker, you're attracted to the newest and latest slots. There's a good chance that you've also spent time learning strategy for slots and other games, so you look for good RTP whenever playing. However, you aren't obsessed with extracting every bit of value from online casino games because you also like to have fun while playing. You also enjoy risky play, turning those slots betting options up high whenever you fire up the reels. Assuming you ever step onto the virtual felt for a few hands of baccarat, blackjack or poker, you aren't afraid to play high stakes here either.

Caffé Mocha - New Player betting Low Stakes

You are pretty new to the online gaming experience and you're still feeling things out. This being the case, you opt for online slots that allow you to bet as little as one cent per spin, and table games where you only have to risk a dollar per hand. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, because you can use these low stakes to figure out what games you like and what betting style you're comfortable with.

Cappuccino - Slots Thrill-Seeker

This boost of caffeine makes you an excitable player who truly relishes every big win, yet also feels the sting of every losing session. But win or lose, you'll have a better time on the cyber tables and reels than most other players. You're also willing to take big shots and risks in pursuit of the ultimate thrill.

Iced Coffee - Solid Player

You have good instinct about certain slots and other games, helping you frequently book winning sessions. You also enjoy reading strategy to improve your play and work towards the next big jackpot or blackjack session.

Black Coffee - Extremely Serious about winning

You are dead-set on winning, so you only play slots with the highest RTP and table games with the most player-friendly rules. While iced coffee and Caffé Latte drinkers may enjoy reading up on strategy, you are 100% dedicated to learning everything about exploiting edges and winning money. And this may take some of the joy out of your online gaming sessions, but you'll be more profitable as a result.

As you can see, your coffee says a lot about how you like to play online casino games. So next time you grab a caffeinated beverage, you may want to think a little more about what type of player you want to be.