Elvis the King Lives Slots

Many people loved and still Elvis. This is one of the reasons my WMS Gaming would want to release a popular game for one of the world's best entertainers. YOu can surround yourself with every this is Elvis. You can look forward to bonus features and free spins. The best way for you to play Elvis the King Slots is by using a casino that offers a free cash bonus.

Game Facts For Elvis the King Lives Slots

This slots game is ideal for you when you want to play something that reminds you of the memories of Elvis. The game ha 11 reels and 80 paylines. You should also know that this is one of the Double Money Bursts game. This is a group of games created by WMS Gaming. You can use at least 5 to 7 ways to start the bonus game features.

The minimum wager for Elvis the King Slots is $0.40 per spin. The slots game has both a 2x2 reel and a 3x6 reel that is right next to it. The paylines begin in the 2x2 reels and continue through the 3x6 reels. You can also take your time to listen to songs from Elvis. The jackpot total is 5,000 coins.

Bonus Features For Elvis the King Lives Slots

Elvis the King Lives Slots has different bonus features for you to be aware of:

  • The first feature is called the Free Spins Feature. You can look forward to triggering this game feature using two different methods. The first method is by matching at least four symbols on the reels. Players must have four matching symbols on Reels 1 to 4 or Reels 5 to 8. Another way to trigger the Free Spins Feature is using the Wild symbol, which is the Elvis Record Disc, and you must have three of these on Reels 9 to 11. When either of these options occurs, a player will obtain five free spins and 1x multiplier. If a player is able to get both of these options at the same time during the Free Spins Feature, they can receive an additional 20 free spins and have your wager multiplied by 20x. Players can also trigger an additional five spins during a free spin if they obtain the Elvis Record Disc symbol on Reels 9 to 11.
  • Elvis the King Lives Slots game also has frozen and clumping reels. You might have seen this in other games. In this slots game, the matching symbols will remain on Reels 1 to 4 or Reels 5 to 8 and held frozen in place until the free spins are completed. If the symbols in the first 8 reels do not match, they combine to form large symbols that span over two spaces on the reels in either direction. These clumped reels can help cause symbols to match and increase a chance of winning.
  • You can also enjoy the Jukebox Feature. When you play Elvis The King Lives Slots, you will see a Jukebox appear on the screen before starting your free spins. You will be able to hear four classic Elvis songs. The great thing about your Jukebox is it rewards prizes and multipliers for the song that is played. For example, the song "Teddy Bear" will give you 12x plus five free spins. If a player hears the song "Hound Dog" they can receive 25x multiplier and 10 free spins. The lowest multiplier during the Jukebox feature is 8x with five free spins.

When you play Elvis the King Lives Slots, you will see a game with a different layout than regular slots game. The 2x2 and 3x6 on the reels will just add to your opportunity to win more when you play this slots game.