Gods of Slots: A Nordic Tale

Gods of Slots is a five reel and nine pay line video slot game that has a Nordic myth theme. Norse mythology is the body of mythology of the North Germanic people stemming from Norse paganism and continuing after the Christianization of Scandinavia and into the Scandinavian folklore of the modern period. Norse mythology tells a grand, cyclic sequence of events that starts at the creation of the cosmos, ends with the downfall of the cosmos at Ragnarok, and then resumes again with the creation. As you may expect, the graphics are stunning. This slot game can be played for as low as a penny and up to ten dollars a spin. Gods of Slots can be downloaded and played for real money or it can be played in the instant version for free. It is also available to play on the mobile version.

The symbols used in Gods of Slots are all Nordic deities and are difficult to decipher. Hence, we have to imagine who they might be. Maybe we see the celestial fortress Asgard, Odin, the wisest and most magically powerful of the gods; Thor, the fiery-tempered defender of Asgard; Loki, the cunning trickster; the youthful and universally popular Baldur; the loving sorceress Frigg; Heimdall, the ever-vigilant watchman; Tyr, the upholder of law and justice; Idun, the keeper of the apples of perpetual youth; Bragi. Gods of Slots does offer each non winning spin adds one notch to the ‘multiplier counter’ that can be found at the top of screen. This counter will keep adding up until you come across a winning spin and will be multiplied by the present multiplier. The counter then resets to zero and starts again. Watch out for the scatter bonus that allows you to receive up to 10 free spins.