Cloud Quest Slots

This sounds like fun before we even find out anything more about the game. It comes from Play'n Go, which gives it a good pedigree, and the image reveals some characters we can only assume are heading on the quest. These include an odd character in purple robes and a pink hat, with a black space where their face should be… except for glowing white eyes. Hmm, friend or foe, we wonder?

The game gives us a more unusual format, featuring the 5 x 5 appearance that means the screen is filled with interesting icons. A character is featured standing on the left, and Level 1 is shown beneath them, so this is clearly a game that is going to be spread over several levels. Things are getting more interesting in this Cloud Quest, don't you think?

Unusually, there is a chance to win some bonus spins, and while that isn't odd, the fact you play them on a standard three-reel, single-payline set is. Expect to see some more traditional elements in play here. There are, however, different levels involveds and some monsters to the right of the reels. How many stages will you progress through? There is a video you can watch that will introduce you to this interesting game, featuring Super Powers and much more. With hundreds of ways to win, this is more than just an average slot game. This could be a new favorite very quickly indeed.