More Online Gamblers Relying on Bitcoin

As using Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are also using it for gambling at online casinos. This comes as online casino players are finding out that the whole bitcoin process is safe and easy. In fact, players are experiencing a start to finish process that can take as little as 30 minutes.

Bitcoin can be bought online with a debit or credit card in three easy steps. First, get a wallet to store your bitcoin in until you spend them. All that is needed is a visit to the app store and download to your smartphone. There are plenty available for both Android and iOS.

Next, buy your bitcoin through a regulated exchange. Just grab your ID and create an account. Once your identity has been verified you can start buying bitcoin. You can also buy bitcoin using your Credit Card without providing any ID but that process can take a bit longer to actually receive your bitcoin.

Finally, just send your bitcoin to your wallet by providing the exchange with your wallet address. Just click send bitcoin option and copy and paste your wallet address in, then click send. Mobile wallets are downloaded directly to your smartphone from the app store.

The process of buying bitcoin from a regulated exchange is as easy as buying currency from a bank. These exchanges are quite safe and simple. Bitcoin transactions have been happening since 2010, when 10000 Bitcoins were traded for two Papa John's pizzas!