Le Chocolatier Slots

At Betonsoft casinos players are encouraged to savior their BRAND NEW GAME Le Chocolatier, you are invited to step into the divine chocolate shop to indulge in delights such as chocolate strawberries, truffles, delectable cake slices and much more.

Betonsoft has done it again with a winner that will be hard to beat, Le Chocolatier Slots changes the game play from the usual slots to an unusual one that will increase your winnings 5x your bet. This has the potential to give some good wins on the reels. This is a video slots game, and you are introduced to the game with an intro video, once past the video you will be presented with 5 reels of the most delectable chocolates and cakes this side of the planet, and you get to eat them cyberly, each one is more delightful than the other and have a range of payouts that will delight. The paytable has a full layout of all payouts, The paytable is located on the top left hand of the reels. Overseeing and ensuring that all goes well is the Chocolate chef, he stands on the left of the screen, cheering on each win as it happens.

Playing the chocolate game

The bet coinage on the twenty paylines is varied, starting with 0.10 coins moving up to 200,00 coins per spin, the max bet is 20.00 per spin on all paylines.a good range for players with a small bankroll to the high rollers who like to bet high.

All the icons on this game are different varieties of chocolates and cake slices. The highest paying is 5x of the truffle like chocolates with yellow icing, that pays out 2,500 for five of them.

The action on the reels is different from most slots games, the reels spin like normal and when a win occurs you are paid 1x your bet, once you have been paid out for that win, then the winning chocolates will get 'eaten' and new ones wll drop down and if they form a win then the win will be multiplied, if its three of a kind then the first three reels, will drop down and the two on the right will remain static. If the win is four then four reels will have chocolates drop down and the far right reel will remain static. Chocolates can drop down up to 5x with a multiplier up to 5x the bet

No Wilds or Scatters

There are no wilds, scatter or bonus round on this game but you can double your win with the Double up feature, a new screen will show you the chef with two plates with a cover over them, choose the left or right, once the cover is taken off, it will reveal if there is a cake on the plate or just crumbs. You can repeat the double up or collect your prize.

The Auto Roll

You have the choice of auto selecting a number of spins, with the selection button or preselect buttons. This can be stopped any time you wish.

Let the Chef guide you to the big wins, lots of delightful chocolates, and fun to be had on these reels.