Candy Spins Slots

Boy, candy sure does feature a lot in slot games, doesn't it? We've got another one here, this time showing a young girl in a land filled with the stuff. And as you would expect, most of the candies have special features. There is a pink and white swirly lollipop marked as the Super Wild, and a candy heart which leads you into some free spins for three or more scattered around. But that is not all, as you will see.

The reels of the Candy Spins slot might also reveal a round Candy Bomb. This appears when the candy girl does, and she decides to throw it onto the reels to turn non-winning symbols into winning ones. That's fine by us! And we also get a Lollipop Bonus candy, so three of these need to be found before you can access that bonus.

The game looks very colorful, as you'd expect from a game with lots of candies strewn around the reels. The Super Wild seems to give you a whole wild reel, which could be useful for getting more wins. With a five-reel, 20-line format, you will feel right at home playing this slot from Metagu. Candy Spins might be one of many candy-themed slots, but it is a good one.