Choco Deluxe

Even if you've never heard of Air Dice, you might look for some more of their games once you give Choco Deluxe a try. This game is great to look at, although it could well make you feel hungry, because of the theme they serve up here. There is a manual mode and an instant mode to choose from, which means you are getting a different game. The latter mode is more like slots play, so bear that in mind.

Choco Deluxe includes seven pages - yes, seven - in its paytable, and since this is unlike anything else you might have played, we suggest you look at that first and try this game in demo mode. Once you have played a few rounds, you will probably be more confident in pressing ahead to play it for real.

You cannot really call the game a slot, but it does bring in elements of that, as well as providing a game that is totally different from everything else. So, if you're ready for something new, check out Choco Deluxe for some winning boxes today!