Aquatica Slots

Is this the experience you have been waiting for, we wonder? The Aquatica title does give away some crucial elements of this game, but it doesn’t spoil a surprise or two that are set to appear in the game itself. If you like a nice easy game to get to grips with, read our full slot game review of Aquatica to see what awaits you underneath the waves.

Do we know who the developer is?

We know this slot game is only available at a site called Cryptoslots. That tells you this is a crypto-based casino. The game is one of a selection of Mega Matrix games you can play there.

You cannot play a demo version though

Sadly, the game is only playable with real wagers. You can load it and read the details about it though.

Let’s check out the theme

The Aquatica title tells us we are in a watery setting. We find ourselves at the bottom of the sea, with fish, underwater plants, and much else besides that you would expect to find there.

A 2D design to behold

The simplicity of the design in Aquatica also makes everything clear to see, even if you’re playing on a mobile device. Many different fish swim into view as you play, and they are designed in a cartoon style.

How many reels are in the Aquatica slot game?

There are five reels, each offering three icons, in the 5 x 3 Mega Matrix game format. You won’t find any watery jackpots on offer here though.

One thing you will find is a wild fish, labeled as such and appearing in bright green with huge red lips! This is powerful because there is nothing it cannot replace to help you achieve a prize.

Another special symbol is seen as a wave with a starfish nearby. This is labeled as a bonus icon, so you can guess it is connected to the bonus round. More about that in a moment.

There is one more special symbol to look for – a scatter. This appears as an underwater scene, but it doesn’t say scatter on it. Instead, it says MYSTERY. The reason for this is simple. Whenever it appears – and you only need one for this to happen – a mystery random prize is granted to you.

How many paylines are there?

The game includes 15 paylines, and they’re fixed – meaning all of them are played on every spin.

How much can you spin the reels for?

Choose one of these three coins – a cent, two cents, or five cents. Once that is done, you can play from 30 to 600 coins, choosing your preferred bet from the buttons underneath the reels.

Paytable information

The paytable shows you all the icons that could appear on each spin. You can find it by selecting the burger icon under the reels, then going for the game help section.

Let’s see what the bonus round holds in store for us

This bonus round is the Pick Me Bonus Game. You can trigger it by getting at least three bonus symbols in one spin. This causes 16 tiles to be presented on the screen. Begin by choosing one to see what it reveals. It will be one of two things – a prize amount or a COLLECT message. You can carry on choosing tiles to reveal their prizes… until the COLLECT message is shown. At this point, you’ll go back to the base game to carry on there.

Free spins aren’t part of this watery slot game

No freebies are available, unfortunately.

Do we know what the Aquatica RTP value is?

No, we couldn’t find any information on this in the game help area.

Does Aquatica get a top rating from us?

It gets 7 out of 10, which is a good score for a game which sticks to some tried and tested elements to get players’ attention.

Winners are going to pick up some virtual currency prizes

The game is available to play at Cryptoslots, which focuses on providing casino games for players using cryptocurrencies. That means if you manage to score any prizes, you’ll be able to withdraw them in your virtual currency.

No chance of playing a demo version

This is unfortunate, but when we tried to do it, we were prompted to deposit enough funds to play.

Will you be the next player to play for real?

Check out the game and see what you think. At least you can read through the paytable first.

Mobile options available too

You can choose to play this game on a relevant mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.