Animal Arcade Slots

What exactly is an animal arcade, we hear you ask? Well, we have the answers – and believe us when we say this arcade might just tempt you to make more than one visit. The creator of this online game was clearly trying to do something new, and we think they have managed to do that with great success. Get ready for some entertaining gaming among the animals of this slot.

Developer information for Animal Arcade

No doubt you’ve heard of Arrows Edge. They’re behind the release of this game, so that bodes well for a good experience.

Do try the demo to see how different this game is

It sure is different, and we think you’ll appreciate being able to play something with a few twists involved. It does mean it is best to try it before laying down any bets, though.

Guess the theme!

Well, it is animals, of course, but the details about the game released by Arrows Edge also tell us this is themed on Asian Gaming House.

Design information

The design is good, linking to the Asian Gaming House theme we mentioned before. The colors are striking yet not too overpowering. Each animal is designed as a cartoon, so even the lions don’t look threatening. You’ll meet many other animals during the game, too.

Discover the basic features of the Animal Arcade slot game

Is this a slot? You may question this, as the traditional reels are nowhere to be seen. Instead, you have a ring which runs around the game area. Lots of symbols appear on the ring – it looks much like a board game, when we think about it. When you play the game, a highlighted area travels around the ring before stopping on a selected icon. If that is the symbol you chose ahead of the ‘spin’, you receive the appropriate prize for that symbol.

You’ll note there are multipliers available as well, so that means there is a chance of picking up bigger prizes along the way.

Paylines are not in action here

Animal Arcade works on the ring-style design, so there are no paylines to choose from – only animals. These appear underneath the ring, so you just need to select one or more that you want to activate with a bet.

Understanding how the bets work

You can wager from 50 cents to $10 per go here. That is valid for each animal, because you can activate more than one if you wish. You can also bet from 50 cents to $10 per animal.

How important is the paytable?

Very important – we suggest you make this your first stop once you have looked at the game screen for the first time. The betting options, the animals and their values, and much more is explained in the paytable.

There is a bonus feature too, of course

We touched on this earlier, so let’s see what the Double Win bonus involves. If the game stops on the Double Win symbol, two re-spins occur. You’ll get a clockwise spin and an anticlockwise spin in that order. The paytable tells us both of those spins should bring you a prize.

Are there any free spins to be won?

The game does have a FREE SPIN symbol available. If the highlighted area lands on this during play, you get a re-spin. Before this happens, the bet you placed on the triggering spin is put back into your balance. So, only one free spin there, but you get a re-spin following it as well.

The RTP value for the game is…

The paytable tells us three values, but the average is 94.39%. There are minimum and maximum values too, but they are little different from the one given above.

Does this game get a good rating from us?

If you are in the mood to try a different sort of casino game, Animal Arcade certainly ticks that box. This might be described as a slot, and it does have lots of symbols, re-spins, free spins, and multipliers, but it doesn’t work the same way a slot game does. We still rank this as a nice 8 out of 10 game though.

The biggest prize is 100x your bet

That would be obtained if you found the tiger, which carries this multiplier. The lowest-valued prize would be won by the hawk, which is worth 2x your bet.

Play the demo to find out more

While we have described the major features in Animal Arcade for you here, we suggest you check out the demo to see how they work in action. Describing some unusual elements of a different game isn’t as good as checking them out for real.

Play for real if you like what you see in this arcade

Arrows Edge casinos will have this Animal Arcade casino game ready for you to try. Will you give it a shot if you are a member of one of these casinos already?

Mobile action can be enjoyed too

Yes, this is a new release, so you can expect it to be available across all platforms, iOS and Android included.