Cricket Legends Slots

Cricket Legends… that title certainly doesn’t keep much under wraps. There are plenty of sporting-themed slot games online today, but we can’t think of too many that involve cricket. That’s about to change with this slot though, so let’s see how many Cricket Legends we might meet.

About the Cricket Legends slot game

Expect to get a real feel for the game in this slot, which benefits from some excellent graphics and a truly immersive feel. It may not be in 3D, but it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Do we know who the developer is?

No, but we do know the game is available at Ignition Casino, which appears to be one of very few casinos offering the game.

What does the demo version offer?

It gives you the chance to test the game before parting with any of your budget to play it with proper wagers in action. You can expect to get a proper look at it to find out if it suits your style of play.

Theme information

This is revealed in the title, as we mentioned before – there’s nothing more to say about the obvious cricketing theme.

A cool design to appreciate

We tend to like slot games that make the reels invisible, instead offering floating symbols in the reel format. This is one of those, which means you can see a detailed and unusual look at the cricket pitch beyond. Over to the left of your screen, a cricketer lets rip with his bat… although it looks as though he’s missed, as the ball is racing toward you and taking out the stumps as it goes.

Basic elements in the Cricket Legends game

This slot boasts five reels and does not provide us with any progressive prizes to look out for. You doubtless know what a cricket ball looks like, but if not, this wild symbol does come with a label on it anyway. This can appear over the reels of the game, appearing stacked on the final three reels. You can also benefit from expanding wilds which may occur on any reel. They replace other symbols to increase your chances of securing a prize.

Meanwhile, we suppose the cricketers are striving to get that trophy, as this appears in the game as a scatter symbol.

How many paylines are in this game?

None, because the game works on 243 ways to win.

And what size could your wager be on each spin?

We get bets ranging from 50 cents per spin to $100 in this slot.

Read through the paytable before you begin

The table tells you about all the game features, so you can get a feel for what might happen before you start playing.

Special features in the Cricket Legends online slot

This game has a Tumbling Reels feature. You’ve likely seen this in a few other slots, albeit under a different name. The idea is simple. Whenever a winning combination is found on the reels, those symbols are taken away and the ones above fall into the vacant spots. New symbols replace those ones from above, so you then get another chance to pick up a possible prize. This Tumbling Reels feature carries on until a losing spin is completed.

Free spins are also on offer

If you can find three or more trophies, you’ll get some free games. Here’s how that part of the game works:

  • Three trophies – 15 free games
  • Four trophies – 20 free games
  • Five trophies – 25 free games

The free games, regardless of how many you receive, contain a progressive multiplier. The maximum value on offer is a huge 10x, so this could be a productive feature to get into if you can.

The RTP is…

… unknown at present.

Our rating for Cricket Legends

We’re giving this one 7 out of 10, as it provides a good game that we think many players are going to enjoy. It can become a little dull over longer periods though.

Potential winners will do best with the player in the blue shirt

This is the highest-paying symbol from the paytable. Mind you, those progressive multipliers in the free spins could potentially produce some bigger prize-winning opportunities too.

Play the practice version of Cricket Legends today

This is the best way to experience the game. There is no need to move to the paid version unless you want to.

Play the real version of Cricket Legends if you’re happy with the minimum wager

It’s slightly higher for this game than we’ve seen in certain other games. This could take the slot out of the running for some players but not all.

Cricket Legends is also available on mobile

Pick up your Android device, your iPhone or your iPad and try it today.