GoodFishes Slots

If you saw the movie GoodFellas a while back, it might well do. Revolver Gaming might have seen it too, since they created this entertaining game that takes its inspiration from the original gangster movie.

Watch out for three fishes, all looking very foreboding, ready for you to play this game. Will they be good news for you, or will you end up wishing you hadn’t met them?

How many reels and win lines are there?

Five reels, four rows of icons, and 30 lines – all of which are fixed. That is the lowdown on this slot game.

Which coins can you use?

There are plenty of them, meaning you can probably find an affordable bet to play. Even though the lines are fixed, the minimum bet is a manageable one.

Are there special symbols to watch out for?

The clam shell is a good find as it is the wild icon. This is part of the Clumping Wilds feature. It sounds odd, we know, but the Clumping Wilds name refers to stacks of wilds appearing on a reel, so it is a good thing! That’s certainly true if you get several clam shells on multiple reels.

An octopus appears in the game too, bearing a sign. Lean closer and you will see the sign says Frankie’s Bonus. Can you guess what this might be for?

What about bonuses?

Your task is to find an octopus holding its sign on reels two, three, and four at once. If you can manage that, you will play Frankie’s Fishmonger bonus. Select a fish and wait while Frankie cuts it open for you. A bonus feature – there are six in total – will then be shown to you and you will play that.

Each bonus offers you some free spins, but they all have different elements involved. Sticky Wilds and The Big Catch are a couple you should watch out for.

Download and play the GoodFishes slot today

We love slot games with different bonuses to trigger. We like to choose them if we can, but a random trigger is good with us too. Maybe if you pick a different fish each time it will trigger something different?

Whatever happens, the GoodFishes slot is a lot of fun and promises a chance to win some great prizes as well. Will you get the better of the fishy gangsters?