Revolver Gaming

Most people appreciate premium slot games to play – that is, games that have clearly taken time to develop and which provide a superb experience for players to enjoy. Revolver Gaming have positioned themselves right in the center of the marketplace in that respect, and they are fast gaining popularity and fame for their efforts.

Based in London, they deliver games that always provide the best quality graphics, features, and prizes. If you’re looking for a game that ticks all the most important boxes, chances are you will find lots of great examples in the Revolver Gaming collection of titles.

Maybe you’ve already played one of their titles without realizing

We say that because Revolver Gaming is responsible for the amazing Reign of Gnomes slot game that was released a short while ago. This was obviously inspired by Game of Thrones, hence the title, but it delivers a high-quality experience. It has also triggered some big wins for a few players, which will no doubt attract more to its delights.

If you want to check out some of their other titles, look out for Parrots of the Caribbean, Wishes, and GoodFishes.

Their games are accessible no matter how you want to play them

Accessibility is a big issue right now. While we used to play casino games on our computers (and many still do), we can also play on tablets and smartphones of all sizes and types. That means compatibility and accessibility are top of the tree when it comes to importance.

Revolver Gaming designs all their games using a mix of HTML5 and Unity3D. That means you get the chance to play superb fully-featured and rendered 3D games on whatever platform you desire. It’s no wonder Revolver Gaming has become known as a forward-thinking business.

Game design and development offered to third parties as well

In their push to become a leading light in the online gaming business (something we think they’ve already achieved in lots of ways), they are also designing games for third parties. This custom-made content is another way they are standing apart from the competition – and there is plenty of that in this business.

To put it simply, Revolver Gaming is behind many superb slot game releases already. We fully expect them to release more great titles in the coming months too. Watch out for more news from Revolver Gaming soon. We doubt you’ll be disappointed.