Pandas Go Wild Slots

Pandas need no introduction. Some animals are better known and recognized than others, and pandas are among those familiar animals. They appear in glorious detail in the new slot game Pandas Go Wild too, and that title reveals the star of the show. Read through our slot game review to find out what the major features are in this game.

Do we know who the developer is?

This game can be found on the Bovada website, counting as one of their own slots to check out.

Is there a demo you can try?

Yes, you should find you can play a practice version of the slot before moving over to the real version. You’ll need to be a Bovada member, but there’s no need to deposit anything before you try the game.

Will you panda to this great theme?

A little play on words there, but we hope you forgive us for that. It’s based on pandas, of course, and you can expect to see them popping up in all kinds of playful poses on the reels.

You’ll appreciate the pleasing design in Pandas Go Wild

If you hate slots that forget about designing a good background, well… you’re safe with this one. The background puts you in a glorious setting with bamboo and other plants in view. There is a body of water there too, as there is a reflection underneath the reels. The Asian-style roof sitting over the reels tells us where we are, with lots of detail going into those pandas as well.

Let’s get to the basic features you can expect to see in Pandas Go Wild

Five reels each display three symbols with each completed spin. There are no progressive jackpots to worry about here – it’s all about the prizes on the paytable.

While you might think one of the pandas acts as a wild in this game, that’s not the case. You can expect to find a wild though, in the shape of a red carp. It’s labeled, so if you’re no good at identifying fish, there’s no problem. This can appear on all five reels, although one of the reels carries a special feature which we’ll mention shortly.

You also get a bamboo icon that says BONUS and a lotus flower marked as a FREE SPINS icon. Both these are scatter symbols.

How many paylines are there?

The game presents you with 20 lines to play on.

Ready to place some bets?

You’ve got several options available here. View them all prior to getting started, so you can work out if the game would suit your budget.

The paytable has different sections for each part of the game

This means you can go straight to whatever you want to find out more about, i.e. the wilds, the free games, and so on.

Does the game include any bonus features?

Remember we told you there was a reel with a special feature connected to it? If you find a wild carp on the middle reel of the game, it will expand to complete every position on that reel. You then get a re-spin with the wild reel held in place.

That’s not all you can look forward to in Pandas Go Wild though. There is a bamboo icon involved that must appear three times to trigger a bonus feature. This involves a picking game to find some multipliers for your triggering bet. It’s a nice feature, albeit a simple one, but it’s very welcome. Choose some bamboo, a fish, and a lotus flower to reveal a multiplier for each one. These are combined to bring you your prize, based on the amount wagered when you unlocked the round.

Free spins can also be won

Watch out for the beautiful lotus flower to appear. If you get three of these on the reels, you’ll receive 10 free games with a 2x multiplier on every prize. You can trigger these to occur again too if you manage to get three more scatters on the reels during a free game.

What’s the RTP?

We don’t know, as the information hasn’t been made available.

Our rating for Pandas Go Wild

We’ll admit we thought the panda would be a wild symbol here, but other than that we were impressed by the quality and range of the game. We’re ranking this as a reliable 9 out of 10 game.

What is the biggest prize?

If you can find five of the pandas that are hanging upside down, you can get 500x your wager for that line.

Play the demo at Bovada today

If you live in an accepted jurisdiction, you should find you can visit Bovada and check out their casino to find this game.

Are you going to play for real too?

If you like the game and want to progress to the paid version, make sure you are happy with the bets before you begin.

Play on your preferred mobile device too

The game looks superb on a smartphone, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. You can also check it out on a tablet if you visit the Bovada mobile site.