From Russia with Love

Yes, that title may make you think of the famous Bond film, but here we are focused on a slot machine. It’s a good one too, and you might be right in guessing the game is focused on those classic Matryoshka dolls that nest one inside the other.

That’s not all – there are other classic Russian symbols in the game too, including vodka! The wild looks to be a turnip, which is strange, but if you get five on a line you won’t complain at the 10,000 credits that will come your way.

Meanwhile, the dolls are the bonus symbols and if you find one each on reels one and five, you get 4x your total bet for that spin. You also get up to 74 free games to play, all featuring a 2x multiplier to help you towards more prizes. What more could you ask for in From Russia with Love?