Free Spins

What do you look for when you choose an online slot game? If one of the first things to come to mind is a free spins feature, you are not alone. In fact, you are among many people who decide to get spinning, in the hope they will trigger the free spins they are looking for. So, why is this one of the most exciting and often-wanted features in a slot game?

You can enjoy some spins for real prizes without it costing you anything

Of course, you will need to place wagers on the game before you get this far – that is, if you are playing for real-money prizes. But when you unlock a set of free spins, those spins will be played free of charge. If you spin some winning combinations into view, you will receive the prizes they show.

They sometimes include a multiplier for boosting prizes

Many slot games include a multiplier in these rounds. It could be x2 or x3 – two of the most common ones to be included. However, some games take things to another level and provide a variable multiplier with each spin. Others have a progressive multiplier that gets bigger with each successive prize-winning spin.

They sometimes include special features, different reels, or other perks

While some free spins features offer a chance to spin the reels for free in the same way you would in the base game, others go further. Some have a different set of reels to play on. For example, a game may take place in daytime, but when you hit the free spins, it may change to night.

Others may only feature the highest-paying symbols and get rid of the rest for as long as the free spins last. There could be other bonus symbols that pop up in the free spins too, enabling you to get a shot at unlocking other features. You might get Super Spins, or something similar, that bring the chance for a few special free spins with bigger prizes on offer.

When you choose a slot that offers you the chance to win some free spins, you are choosing a game that can benefit you in several ways. We all want to win prizes, and sometimes we can win several in these games. The best of them offer guaranteed winning spins with each go. What could be better than that?