What does the number 777 mean to you? We guess it might make you think of the array of classic slot games around online right now. After all, the number seven makes frequent appearances in those.

So, is that what we have here? Do we have a chance to play a classic slot or is there more to this one than that? We are about to find the answers to those questions, so strap yourself in for the ride.

What do we know about the 777 slot game title?

This might be rooted in tradition, but there are elements of this game that prove it is a modern release. We’ll come to those shortly. However, while the game is based in the past, the design elements are certainly in the present. We rather like this mix of elements in the game as they make 777 a delight to play.

Who created the 777 game?

This is a back-to-basics release from RTG. You might know them as Real Time Gaming. They’ve released plenty of complex games in the past – in recent months too – but this isn’t one of them. That will be great news for you if you would like to play something simpler for a change.

Can you play a demo version?

Yes, in common with all RTG slots, this one has a demo you can check out if you want to. We recommend this as the best way of getting started. It will give you a chance to see what the game is like. You can then decide whether to progress to the real version.

Theme information about 777

This slot game is a classic, of course, as indicated by the numbers in the title. The number seven is a classic icon in many fruit-filled games. This one doesn’t feature fruit, but it does have lots of bar symbols and some coins to look for as well.

What is the game design like?

The 777 game looks rather different from its other similar counterparts, both from the RTG collection and beyond. You will find bar symbols in their various forms on the reels of the game. Meanwhile, the number seven also features, along with some cards and coins.

You will see the presence of the paytable and the controls makes this much like many other simple slots. However, there are enough subtle tweaks to give this a new look.

Can you guess what type of slot this is?

You’ve probably already worked out this one has three reels. It also shows up to two icons per reel, depending on where the icons land when the reels stop spinning.

Three-reel games don’t often feature jackpots – at least not of the progressive kind – but this one does. To trigger the best prize of all, you must get three matching icons on the reels, showing some cards and coins on each one. You will know this icon when you see it. When the jackpot drops, it resets to $4,200. That’s good as it means even if someone won it soon afterwards, they would still net a good prize.

The special jackpot-winning icon showing the cards and coins on it is also used as a wild symbol. It will carry one of two multipliers depending on how many appear in a successful line. Find one to complete a prize and it will be tripled, whereas two give you a huge 9x boost.

What about paylines?

Three-reel slots often have just one line. This one does, too.

Do we know anything about the available betting options?

Not yet, no. The game hasn’t dropped just yet, but we think it will present us with several possibilities when it comes to setting the right bet amount to suit a specific budget.

View the paytable on the game screen

You won’t need to worry about referring to another screen to see this. They’ve set it in view to the right of the gaming area. You can therefore see it whenever you want to. The jackpot amount currently available is seen above the reels.

No bonus round, but…

You can hold a reel or two at an additional spin cost following a winning combination if you want to. This is an optional feature, but it does lend something else to the game.

If the original spin garnered a small prize, this could potentially be a good way to make it better. You would only trigger a prize from the held reels if you managed to secure a better outcome than you originally did.

Can you look for some free spins in this game?

No, we don’t think the 777 slot has anything of this kind to look for.

The game RTP is unknown

We will update this portion of our review when the return to player value becomes apparent.

Our rating for the 777 slot

We’re going to give this one 7 out of 10. It ranks highly as a good solid three-reel slot. We like the hold feature, although it does require an extra bet to be placed on each reel. However, we know some players like to see this option. If you love bigger and more complex games, you’re not going to rate this one. But there is a huge audience out there for games just like this, for sure.

How long before the first 777 slot game winners turn up?

We wonder how long it will take for the progressive jackpot to drop for the first time. Could it be soon… and if it is, will we get news of it being won by a player at an online casino? We will share that news here if it appears.

Play for entertainment only, at no expense

The 777 slot game has a demo version, as we already know. This is a good way to get things started, as you can use the knowledge you have learned from this review to put the game through its paces. That means you can then work out whether you would like to play the real game, where the prizes would be real along with the bets.

777 will be available at good RTG-powered casinos to play for real

If you like the look of this game, you should find it available in many online casinos powered by Real Time Gaming. Check the available wagers and see if it suits your budget, and then get started.

Mobile play also available

If you would rather try the 777 Slot on your smartphone or even your tablet, you will be pleased to know you can play it on an Android or iOS device if you wish. The simplicity of the game makes it a surefire hit waiting to happen on mobile platforms.

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777 Slots

Type3-reel, bonus, progressive, video
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
SymbolsDouble BAR, Playing Cards and Chips, Seven, Single BAR, Triple BAR
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
Bonus roundHold Feature
Fun moneyno
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