Dr WinMore Slots

If you would like to try a slot game that feels out of this world, we know just the thing. The new slot game called Dr WinMore comes loaded with features and perks, some of which may be new to you. So, if you want to try something that feels a little different, check out what we thought of the game before you play.

Find out more about the developer

RTG is one of the biggest slot game developers in the industry, so it is reassuring to learn they are behind this game.

The game has a fully featured demo available too

This means you do not need to dip into your funds to check it out. Just make sure you load the demo and try that before deciding if it meets your needs.

Theme information for Dr WinMore

It looks as if he is a scientist of sorts, with beakers and test tubes filled with all kinds of strange things on the reels. However, beyond that, there are some machinery-style icons and features, along with a space-themed backdrop.

The game is powered by an excellent design

Each of the elements we highlighted above has been designed with great care. There are some cool icons to look for, while everything stands out on its own merits. It’s easy to spot winning combos too, which is always an advantage.

Learn about the reels, icons, and more of the Dr WinMore slot game

This game does have the usual five reels, but each one of those packs in five icons, providing you with a square 5 x 5 format. The doctor is used as a wild and carries that label as well.

The reels do not spin though; instead, everything works as a grid. With each go, the symbols on the screen drop from your view and a new set drops from the top of the reels. If this results in one or more prizes, the involved icons will vanish, and more will appear from above. This then completes the grid once more. If this results in another prize, the same cascading effect occurs again. There is no limit to how many times this might happen, so it is a good way to pick up consecutive prizes without paying for more spins.

The multiplier feature comes into play here too. The starting value is 1x and is shown under the reels. A prize combo raises the multiplier by 1x, reaching a maximum of 6x should you get enough consecutive prizes in a row to do this. A losing spin will always result in the multiplier returning to 1x.

One final thing – look out for random robot icons to appear during the game. These have their own special feature to look forward to.

Are there any paylines in this game?

If you guessed that this might be a cluster pays slot, you were correct. Top marks from the doc for you!

Choosing your ideal bet

The idea here is to select one wager per spin. These can be chosen from the available values at the bottom of the screen. You’ll spot the plus and minus icons to use there.

Paytable details if you want them

The paytable can be accessed from the burger icon at the bottom of the screen. You can then go through to read the full information given about the game and its many icons and their values.

Bonus features in Dr WinMore

There is one additional feature here, and it involves those random robot icons. Look for those appearing on any spin, one or more of them. Whenever they do, they’ll perform a certain action upon finishing any cascading wins and multiplier features that occur.

There are four ways these robots can behave:

• They can clear out all symbols on their row • They can clear out all symbols in their column • They could do both these things at once • They might alternatively wipe out all adjacent icons near them

Other symbols then appear and finish the 5 x 5 format once more, allowing you more chances for more prizes.

Are there any free spins to be had in this game?

No, nothing like this is included in Dr WinMore online slots.

RTP information

We do not yet have this, as RTG has yet to release the return to player value.

Our rating for the game

This is a good 7/10 slot game to play in our opinion. We wonder if you’ll rate it higher or lower than that.

Are we going to hear about any major winners?

It’s unlikely, because this does not have any progressive prizes available to be won. The largest prize is worth 300x your wager, which is good, but nowhere near a huge prize.

Play for entertainment and knowledge by using the demo

This could lead you to everything you want to know about the game. If you like Dr WinMore, you can then change to the paid version.

All casinos offering RTG slot game should allow you to play for real

Just make sure you are signed in as a member, and that you’ve deposited some funds to allow you to play.

There is a mobile-friendly version to download too

You can play Dr WinMore slots on tablet or smartphone, by using the Android or iOS platform.