Mad Road Rage Slots Game

Who is ready for an adrenaline slots game that packs a powerful punch! Mad Road Rage slots is just the one for players that love a fast paced game that will keep them going.

The theme setting is a desert highway, and all the dangers that can be presented by other drivers and the possibility of Road Rage to add to the mix. The game play is on 5 reels with 15 fixed paylines.

Meet the main characters who will help you on the ways, Dagger, Billy and Adara and little Scrappy the dog leading you to huge rewards on this game.

Paying Symbols

A shot-gun, wheels, motor vehicle, a barrel, a semi truck, and the four characters Dagger, Billy and Adara and Scrappy. The highest payout for the symbols is 5x Dagger paying out 2,000 coins.

The reels are unique as they do not spin, instead they cascade down from top to bottom and when a win occurs they explode and disappear filling your bank account, and then other symbols will cascade down filling the empty spaces, and lo and behold another explosion could occur, but that's not all! Each new explosion will have an increasing multiplier starting from 1x increasing with each explosion to up to 6x, now that can turnout to be a tidy sum when it stops. Another thing each win triggers a re-spin with a multiple as well.

Going Wild

Adara is one of the drivers but she has a double role to play as the Wild Symbol together with other symbols she forms winning explosive wins, plus those increasing multipliers.

Scatters are Winners Too

Billy is the one that acts as the scatter paying out in its own right, as well as triggering the bonus game that has nine levels.

The Bonus Game

When three or more of the billy symbols appear then the bonus game is triggered, there are nine levels to this bonus game starting with three picks, as the levels increase, players have four choices which award cash prizes, or a payout multiplier or given another pick.

A Double Up Gambling Game

After every payout a button appears as a double up game, click on it and you will see a spinning coin, the aim is to guess which side will win, the coin has a Billy side and a Adara side. Choose right and your winnings will double up, and continue to double up each consecutive time you get it right, all the way up to $25,000. But beware if you get it wrong then you lose it all, you can collect your winnings any time.

The Random Progressive Jackpot

Apart from the highest payout on the 5x Dagger symbol there is a Random Progressive Jackpot that can be paid out after any win randomly. Who knows you might hit it on the first spin.

Lots of action, plenty of cash payouts opportunities and loads of fun that can be played on PC's and mobile devices, take Mad Road Rage Slots Game with you anywhere.