Princess Of Sky

The castle in the sky has a beautiful princess who rules the sky kingdom, the white doves and other birds form part of her kingdom. Her home, the castle in the sky has red pointed roofs, a drawbridge and flags waving to announce that she is in the castle.

The game play on Princess of the Sky

To play a slots games you need coins to wager, and the lowest denomination is 10c on each of the nine paylines, the game itself is played on five reels, to set your wagers you need to choose how many lines you wish to play on, if you choose the minimum bet of 10c per line you you will wager 90c per sin, if you wish to up the anti to $1 the $9 will be wagered on each spin.

The main symbols

There are 4 main symbols, the Crown which has for 5x will award 5,000 coins, the ring is the second highest symbol and it pays out 2,000, next is the key and the parcel they both payout the same, if 5 appear then the payout is 500 coins.

Your heart's desire

The heart is the wild symbol and it can give you your hearts desire if 5x appears on the reels, the payout is a magnificent 10,000 coins. This will will also complete combinations to create wins of any of the symbols except the scatter symbol.

The scatter princess

The princess of the sky is the scatter, she will award when 5 appear, 100 coins & 50 free spins, when 4 appear, 20 coins & 20 free spins, and when 3 appear 5 coins & 10 free spins.

Let the Machine play automatically

The Autoplay feature lets the player control the machine, they are able to control the number of spins that will automatically play. Whatever your choice from 10 right up to 1,000 autospins can be set and extra control is to be able to stop the autospins at the press of the stop button.

Take yourself into the magical fantasy in the sky and enjoy playing on this game.