Sport Slot

If you enjoy sports then take a bet which sport will win on the reels. This slots game is designed with the sports person in mind, with many different sports covered, there a sport for men and women to enjoy. Tired of watching your partner glued to the TV on sports night, then get your own sports game to play on while they are watching, you wont get bored, in fact you will enjoy the game with ample opportunities to win some money as well.

Playing on the Sport Slot Game

The game requires you to spin the reels, but you need to set your wagering limits before starting the spins. How big a bankroll you have will depend how large a wager you will place on this game, starting with a modest .10c per payline on twenty five paylines your minimum spin wager will be $1.50, however if your bankroll is large enough to enjoy a higher flutter, then you can wager as much as $1 on each of the 25 paylines making your max bet $25. the game will appeal to low bank-rollers and the higher betting high-rollers. And there is the in between who have gathered some extra money to up your betting options.

Playing sport on the reels

Playing sport you need equipment to do so, the game has everything you need to play the game, a red helmet to protect your head, five of these helmets will pay out 5,000 coins, boxing gloves to protect your hands, a cricket ball, a soccer ball, an American Football, a bowling ball, a basketball, and a tennis ball.

The wild headgear

The wild is the baseball cap, find five of them on the reels and you will be awarded with 5000 coins, the baseball cap will will be a substitute for other symbols to complete combinations, but will not work with the scatter.

Whistle for the Scattered

There are two scatters on this game, the Gold Scatter Whistle and the Silver Scatter Whistle. The Gold Scatter Whistle is extra special as it doubles your wins. Both scatters will have the same payouts, When 5 appear 1,000 coins and 20 free spins, 4 appear 100 coins and 20 free spins, and 3 appear 10 coins and 5 free spins. You need three scatters to trigger the free spins.

Gamble Feature

Gambling can be rewarding or disappointing, but if you don't take a chance you will never have the opportunity to double or quadruple your wins, the game has a gamble feature that will activate when a win occurs, a gamble button appears when this happens, and you only need to click on that button to be taken to a new screen, you will be presented with a choice of black or red cards. Pick your favorite color and watch the pack of cards turn one over, if this card matches your pick then your wins double, a wont choice will lost the win. Don't despair there will be other opportunities to double your win.


Now pressing spin is funm, but if you get tired of clicking that spin button then you can chose to autoplay the game, you are in total control. Pick the number of spins you want to play then sit back, relax and watch the game play for you. Why be bored when you can enjoy sport as much as your partner. Have fun on the games.