Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

We loved the original Sugar Pop game from Betsoft, so we were delighted to hear about the sequel. Going by the name Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, this game is packed with features, as you’re about to find out. It is certainly not your average slot game.

It may remind you of the famous Candy Crush, but it works on a typical slot game format, albeit with a few changes. Shall we find out what those changes are?

Reels and win lines

We are treated to a monster 7 x 7 grid here, which means there are seven reels in play. There aren’t any paylines though – Betsoft has given us cluster wins to find instead.

What can you wager on Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped?

Lots of coins mean you can bet anything from 50 cents on a spin (with a one-cent coin in play) to much more. The top bet goes way higher than a hundred dollars!

Sugar Pop 2 special icons

Watch for the special candies to appear when a new set of candies drop into the grid from above. These boast different talents, but each one can alter some of the other candies that are in place in the grid. Will you find a Jelly Bean Cannon, or maybe a Fizzy Pop Logo? What about those Candy Hammers or Mystery Symbols that could be revealed to be hugely useful to you?

The aim of the game is to get at least three matching symbols next to each other, either horizontally or vertically, to win a prize. If a special candy appears, it will act in its usual way, destroying or changing some other candies to determine whether new ones will get you more wins.

Bonus features in Sugar Pop 2

There is a special candy with the letters FS on it. Yes, that stands for Free Spins – hurrah! If three or more appear in a group, you will win some free games. There are chances to win lots of spins, so watch closely to see what happens. The number you get will be displayed under the reels, so you can see how many spins remain.

Download the Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slot game to play today!

We love this game, and we think you will too. Will the Sugar Pop 2 slot game from Betsoft pop some prizes into your bank account? We sure hope so!