Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

There is nothing wrong with a good old classic fruit machine, is there? Even with lots of online games available in the slots world, it’s good to return to a classic now and then.

We’re doing that now with the Lucky Fruity 7s slot from WGS Technology, one of the leading names in this industry. So, you can expect to see a classic design and lots of fruit here – not exactly a big surprise, given the title!

Reels and paylines in play

As you might guess, you have just three reels in action here and a single payline to wager your cash on.

How much could you wager on Lucky Fruity 7s?

The default bet is one cent per coin, since you can wager up to five coins on your payline. It’s also possible to increase that coin value to go as high as $10 per coin, giving you a $50 top bet for the game.

Does this online slot have any special symbols?

The rules for Lucky Fruity 7s are pretty simple. The Lucky Fruity 7s logo is a wild symbol. Not only that, one of them can appear anywhere to win a prize. The prize values are indicated in the paytable and will vary as per the number of coins you place on the line per spin. Any two wilds will also credit you with a win.

The wild can of course substitute for everything else to help you secure a prize. But the best prize is available for getting three of those wilds on the payline. This means you will get 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 coins for the jackpot win. The amount you get depends on the number of coins you wagered for the lucky spin.

Can you play one or more bonus features?

No, the game does not include any bonus features other than the wild as mentioned above. That means you don’t have a chance to go into a second screen for any reason.

Download and play Lucky Fruity 7s slots today!

If you love playing classic slots, we think this one is worth a shot. Not only do you have a wild, it can win you a prize even if it appears above or below the payline. Additionally, you can play up to five coins to maximize any prizes you are fortunate enough to win. How good is that?!