Casino Games Becoming More Popular on Mobile Devices

While there are still plenty of gamers opting for PC-based casino games, mobile gaming is taking a bigger slice of the market, according to new data. Single-genre apps for mobile devices are becoming more popular, while single apps giving access to a large array of games are dipping in the marketplace.

The explosion of mobile-friendly games in recent times has made it far easier for people to pick up their smartphone or tablet and play their favorite titles. Since this can be done anywhere, it makes sense that more people are playing on the go, rather than resorting to playing at their computers.

So, have we seen the peak of PC-based casino play? Maybe we have, but online casinos know only too well that players on PCs spend more over the course of the average month than mobile players. The advances in technology are making things challenging for mobile casinos too, though. Popular games titles such as Candy Crush are drawing in many players, and that has sometimes been to the detriment of slots and other casino games. One thing is certain – the future of casino gaming on PC, on mobile, and on tablet looks very interesting indeed.