AffCash Marketing

If you've been in the online business for any significant length of time, then you're probably aware that becoming an affiliate and promoting viable products for trustworthy companies is an excellent way to obtain an auxiliary income stream. If the business is really good, and customers respond favorably to the product or services, then being an affiliate can even be a primary income stream.

With this in mind, consider the comprehensive suite of affiliate management tools offered by AffCash Marketing, a proven leader in commission and conversion enhancement in the online casino gaming niche. If you've taken on the job of being an affiliate of your favorite casino, then AffCash can provide the tools you need to accomplish the two most significant and otherwise difficult measures of affiliate success: traffic conversion and earnings maximization.

How Does AffCash Marketing Differ From Others?

First of all, the attribute of greatest interest to online casino affiliates: conversion rates. Simply put, AffCash Marketing possesses sky-high commission rates indeed, better than just about any other in the industry that encourage affiliates to work hard to promote their products and retain steady streams of traffic; this, of course, leads to more conversions:

  • As an AffCash Marketing Affiliate, you retain between 30% and 45% of whatever the casino players you recruit generate. The more they make, the more you receive; the 30% applies for generated figures below $20 thousand. If you recruit avid casino players capable of generating over $60 thousand, then your commission rate goes up to 45%.
  • To facilitate the payout process, AffCash provides a wide range of payment options, including check, Neteller, Wire transfer, Skrill and ecoCard.
  • AffCash Marketing payments are precise and regular, with payouts all but guaranteed two weeks after the first day of the month.
  • Lastly, to ensure that you are paid as much as possible from your affiliate conversions, AffCash does NOT bundle together your earnings from each casino into one lump percentage, but treats them separately, so that higher earnings from one stream of affiliate earnings are not lowered by relatively low earnings from another.

It goes without saying that you will get everything that's coming to you with AffCash Marketing. How? Because of the unique tracking code that notifies the AffCash team that the referred player was a result of your promotional efforts. Your personalized dashboard gives you up-to-date, hourly earnings reports so that you can keep track of your conversions and the earnings that result.

AffCash Marketing Products

If you've heard of or played at Slotter Casino, then you'll be pleased to know that it is a part of the growing AffCash Marketing affiliate suite. Friendly to US players and many others, Slotter Casino has access to RTG's full library of riveting slot games which numbers in excess of 110. Of course, if you like to try your hand at both slots and table games, Slotter has an assortment of these too. This helps you in your promotional efforts, because you can entice prospective clients with Keno, Blackjack varieties, roulette, poker and more including fantastic promotions that run almost every day of the week. Slotter Casino is a licensed casino with an excellent Welcome Bonus of $1700 for new players.

Another great AffCash Marketing affiliate product is Reel Spin Casino which, if you haven't already guessed, favors slots The Welcome Bonus at this other Betonsoft casino is an impressive $888, but it doesn't stop there, as a member using their downloaded software, you're eligible for more cash, prizes and bonuses every day, week and month. Much like Slotter Casino, Reel Spin has a full complement of table games for your continued enjoyment. These two casinos are so full of bonuses that they practically promote themselves, which makes your job of racking up the affiliate cash all the easier. Join AffCash Marketing today, it's 100% free!