Making Deposits in a Bitcoin Casino

Crypto-currency use is on the uptick at online casinos. Fast, secure and without the need for third-party financial transactions, it offers a safe way for players to deposit and withdraw directly from online casinos.

Bitcoin is the most common of the crypto-currencies. It has been used since 2009 and offers a virtual currency that is peer-to-peer and not controlled, monitored or regulated by any government authority.

In most applications, Bitcoin transactions are fee-free, or they have very low fees as there is no third-party financial involvement in the transaction. Instead, the registered players at the online casino deposit Bitcoin directly to the casino from their virtual wallet, and the same is done for payouts from the casino to the player.

Buying Bitcoin

Some players may be involved in mining Bitcoin, which is simply allowing a program to run on a computer to verify other Bitcoin transactions and create a network.

It is also possible to buy Bitcoins on reputable Bitcoin exchanges, which is faster and more expedient in building up funds. Bitcoin exchanges are not monitored by the government or any currency regulation agencies, so it is important to choose an exchange that is reputable and a trusted site. Buying Bitcoin can be done by credit or debit card or bank transfer. A few exchanges allow other purchase methods as well.

Bitcoin Wallets

Before buying Bitcoin, players will need to download a Bitcoin Wallet. This is a program that is either web-based or a full software download to store the Bitcoin and to keep purchased Bitcoin and make purchases.

Depositing at the Casino

Choose any online casino that accepts players from your country as well as accepts Bitcoin. When you log into the account and go the deposit page, you should be able to choose the option to deposit using Bitcoin.

Players will need to provide the address of their Bitcoin wallet and the amount they wish to deposit. Typically, funds will be available to use at the casino in less than an hour, with most players having immediate access to the Bitcoin deposit.