Depositing money into your casino account means finding a banking method that suits you. Yet some players are understandably nervous of parting with their card details or bank details online. How do you know your details are safe, and nothing will go amiss?

CASHlib is the answer to this. While you may not have heard of it, we think this is about to change as more people discover how CASHlib works. We’ll guide you through the basics here, so you can see whether this could be the best payment method you have ever used.

What is CASHlib?

It is a cash voucher you can prepay online. You can pay up to €250 at a time, and you can then use your cash voucher to make deposits at a casino website, or to buy things on other websites. It is also possible to combine vouchers. This means you can pay up to €1,000 in one hit, i.e. four vouchers at a time.

You can also choose the value of your voucher if you need a specific amount. So, let’s say you want to deposit €40 into your casino account. You simply buy a voucher for that amount, and then use the voucher to make your deposit. Easy!

How do you get hold of CASHlib vouchers?

There are two ways to do this. Firstly, you can get them from the CASHlib website. This is a secure website and you can choose the value of your voucher before going ahead with the transaction.

Secondly, you can get the vouchers from one of the business partners connected with CASHlib. The current list is available on the CASHlib website.

Can you spend CASHlib vouchers anywhere?

No – you must spend them with a business that is accredited as being a participating merchant. If you want to know which merchants are included in the list, visit the CASHlib website to get the latest information.

Can you get change for your vouchers?

This is only possible if the merchant you are dealing with has agreed to do this with CASHlib. So, it is wise to check in advance so you know whether this is possible.

It is early days for CASHlib but we suspect it may become more popular as more people find out about it. Find out more from the official website now and see whether this online payment method could be ideal for your needs.