Golden Lion Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Those lions look good on the home page, but they're far from the most impressive feature of the Golden Lion Casino. Far down at the bottom of the promotions page, the casino offers a free chip for all new players to get started with.

There is just one issue.

They provide you with the terms for these chips, but you don't get a free chip to use on the site itself. Huh? What's that all about?

Well, they're leading you on a hunt a lion would be proud of. The idea is to look online to find them, as they themselves suggest you do. How do you get a bonus code? You look for it, pure and simple.

What does the code offer?

Ah, well that depends on where you find it and what it offers. You might occasionally get some free spins to use, so you can check out some of the best slots to play at Golden Lion Casino. Some of our favorites include Chicken Little, Cleopatra's Coins, and Reel Party Platinum. Maybe you've got some favorites there too (they offer Rival Gaming titles in case you want to know).

However, you may not receive free spins. The other option would be a free chip worth a specific sum. This is usually in dollars and it is likely to be for this great casino. Who knows how many dollars in bonus cash you might receive?

Some of these deals are restricted for the use of newcomers only. Golden Lion Casino does occasionally throw out some deals for existing players too though. Be sure to review the terms for each code or deal you find, so you know how it works if you do decide to go for it.

The advantages of playing with no deposit bonus codes

You don't need to deposit to start playing the games at Golden Lion, as you can guess from the name. There are other ways to get things underway. Sure, most codes restrict the winnings you could get from using them - no progressives here, for sure. And you'll need to look out for the multiplier placed on wagering before you can cash out, too.

Despite that, people love using these codes to find their way around some games at a top casino - a casino much like Golden Lion Casino, as we've seen here.