Leaderboards at Bodog Casino

There are many good reasons to visit Bodog Casino. The website is crammed full of superb slot games, not to mention all the other games you can play there. But when you want to enjoy some additional features, well… let's just say you won't be disappointed.

We're about to introduce you to the casino leaderboards, and the excitement they can bring. Are you ready to find out more?

Check out today's schedule, or find out what is happening soon

The casino leaderboards page is split into four sections. It loads with the 'happening today' section in play, and this reveals the games that are set to begin in the next few minutes. They also show how long each game will last. If you want to join, just hit that button and you're good to go.

You can also look at the complete schedule, and you will likely find a good mix of games to play there. It's not just slots - you get blackjack and other games in the mix as well.

Check the latest rankings to see who won

Each event has set requirements available. You must meet these to make it onto the leaderboard and to get a chance to win a bonus. You can then see how you rank compared to everyone else.

Find out how the leaderboards work

This section is the first one you should visit if the Bodog casino leaderboards are new to you, or if you've just joined the site. There is a simple three-step process involved though, and it's this - join, launch, play!

Some games differ from others in the requirements you must meet to qualify. You will always get the details you need on these boards. Some might require you to make more spins than others, so if you are starting out, pick a game with a low and easy requirement to meet.

Some of the most popular games are included

If you are playing games at Bodog anyway, it makes sense to ensure you can take part in these leaderboard events if you can. It might lead to a better outcome than you think. And if you win anything during the normal duration of whatever game you're playing, you will win and keep those prizes. The leaderboard is just an added extra - and it could win you even more delights as well!