Tex Co Co Slots

This slot game falls into the category of slots where we have no clue what they’re about until we get a closer look at them. This one looks to bring us an adventurer theme, as shown by the woman in the image, holding sunglasses and wearing a backpack and hat. Does that backpack contain any treasures?

It’s hard to tell what else to expect from this game from Fuga Gaming, but we have some facts to share with you here. It benefits from a five-reel format with 40 paylines, so if you like lots of lines and potential winning ways per spin, this one is for you. The design is cool too, with the adventurer appearing on the reels alongside some curious symbols that might be treasures, oh… and a tortoise! You’ll see her jeep too, so she clearly gets around.

There are some wilds involved in this game, and yes, we did say wilds in plural. A screenshot of part of the game reveals there are multiplier wilds involved in a free spins feature, where the surrounding areas of the game look a little different. There are multipliers worth x2, x5, and x6 in the image, so could you take advantage of some of these? There is a bonus feature too, where different-colored idols appear and there is a chance to win big prizes. How much could you win if you get this far in Tex Co Co slots?