How to Playthrough Your Bonus Casino Cash

If you join a casino that offers bonuses on your first few deposits, you should understand the playthrough requirement. Once you get your first deposit bonus, you must achieve whatever playthrough minimums are in place before getting your next deposit bonus.

So, your total deposit bonus could be worth, say, $500. This might be spread over five deposits. You get the first $200 increment, and then you're required to meet the playthrough targets as set by the casino. Once you've done this, you can make your second deposit and receive another bonus, maybe $100 on this occasion.

Whenever you decide to join a new casino, check the deposit bonus feature and see how many deposits you can claim bonuses on. You can then make the required deposits (look for minimum amounts), and receive the bonuses each time. The casino will tell you how many games you need to play each time before the next portion of your total bonus is made available. It's a lot easier to make the most of this deal than you might have thought.