Wild Jack

It's not unusual to come across a Wild West theme in a slot game, so viewing this slot from BeeFee isn't anything new, not on the face of it anyway. The game is more basic than many slots, since it works on a 3x3 grid with just the three reels in action.

Despite the small size of the game, you do still get 27 ways to win, which is generous for this 3x3 grid. There is a mix of symbols here too - spin the reels once and you might think you're playing a standard slot if a mix of cherries and other fruits appear. But spin again and you're in the Wild West for sure, as the game also includes pistols, sheriff's badges and horseshoes.

Whatever you do, watch for Wild Jack the bandit, as he is the wild. The one thing the wild can't replace is the usual scatter. You can win free games in Wild Jack, and three scatters is the way to trigger 15 of them to come your way.