Dragon Sisters Slots

Raging Dragons Slots

Push Gaming wants us to meet the Dragon Sisters - two women you might just see on the reels as you get spinning with this game. But before we get to those elements of the game, let's draw your attention to one other feature - namely the fact you get two sets of reels. The top one is surrounded by a red border and the bottom is surrounded by a blue border. And yes, one sister is represented in blue colors while the other is shown in red.

The Dragon Sisters slot game also has a fiery wild symbol. This replaces everything but the blue and red dragon icons. These are easy to see as they have a shaped border around them. The red dragon gives you a complete set of wilds on the bottom set of reels and a respin, too. Meanwhile, the blue dragon triggers random wilds to appear on the top set of reels. Here, too, you get a respin.

The red sister appears with the red dragon in the top reel set, while the blue sister shows up with the blue dragon on the bottom reels. This gives you a nice dual reel game to play, and we think it could become a huge hit once people give it a try.