Why Are Progressive Slots Attracting More Players?

You don't need to know much about online slot games to realize some of them have what is known as a progressive jackpot involved. This is a jackpot that gets bigger as more players take part in the game. If you play with real cash - as opposed to playing just for fun - a small chunk of every bet you make is placed into the progressive pot.

The same goes for every other player wagering real cash on the game. That means the pot can get pretty big, and someone must win it, right? So, here are some of the main reasons why more players are going for these slots over all the others.

The progressive jackpot is offered in addition to the game's top prizes

Every slot has top prizes that are mentioned in its paytable. Your task is to try and create the winning combination that will pay out that top prize in each case.

But another combination on the reels - one that is often hidden, so you never know what the trigger will be - can also unlock access to the progressive jackpot. So, there is always that extra chance there…

Some slot games have more than one progressive jackpot

It's true. While some have one progressive prize on offer, others have two or more. We've seen several games offering four progressive jackpots, for example. Whenever there is more than one available, each one will be progressively bigger than the last. For example, you might have a game with a micro, mini, major, and mega progressive jackpot on offer. Each one will have a different trigger. Alternatively, you might need to gain access to a special feature within the slot game to stand a chance of playing for one of the four jackpots available.

It provides an opportunity to win a massive prize

And isn't this what we all want from a slot game? While some offer prizes in the high three-figure or low four-figure territory, others might offer six- or even seven-figure prize pots. Imagine how that might change your life.

Some slot games require a bigger bet from the player to be in the running for that jackpot. But others only require you to take part with a real-money bet. There are enough progressive jackpot prizes out there for you to find one you would like to play. Now you can see the advantages, why not try and win one yourself?