Why Are Some Online Slot Themes Used So Often?

The luck of the Irish, the ancient Egyptians, Oriental themes… you have no doubt seen them all. It’s nice to encounter the odd unusual slot theme you haven’t seen before, but there are some good reasons why certain themes crop up time and again.

We’ve focused on why there are so many Egyptian, Irish, and Greek myth slots out there, not to mention many others you might have come across. Read on to learn more.

Some themes are more popular than others

If you create a slot game based on a theme you already know is popular, you’re onto a winner before you’ve even started. These themes are popular because lots of players enjoy them, and that means you’ve got an increased chance of your game being a success, too.

While new themes are good as well, starting from a safer platform does have a lot going for it.

Some themes deliver lots of possibilities for gameplay

Egyptian themes deliver the chance to explore temples, pyramids, and the distant past. Greek myth themes provide a chance to meet the Greek gods, and to base a game around one or more of them and their skills and abilities. Christmas-themed slots get people into the mood for that time of the year, and the delights that await them.

You can see why some themes automatically offer inspiration for players. It’s also much easier to build creative bonus features and other special elements into a game when you know a theme is already proven to be popular.

It can increase the chances of a software developer creating a successful game

Every software developer creates games with the hope they will be a success. Focusing on a popular theme helps enhance those chances. For example, despite the already-overcrowded arena filled with Irish slots, Barcrest delivered the huge success that is Rainbow Riches. They’ve since launched sequels that have proven to be just as popular, so it proves a good theme can indeed help increase the odds of creating a game that pleases the fans.

No doubt you can think of other key themes that have been re-used lots of times in the slot world. Take the classic fruit machine slots, for instance – we doubt they will ever fall out of favor. Some themes are popular for several reasons, and you may find some of your favorites fall into classic themes we all know and love.