Electric SAM Slots

Well, the clue is in the title here, and it is a good one. Electric SAM is the guy in the slot featuring his name, and he is a happy guy too. We think he could be a king, since he wears a crown, but maybe he lives in a tree, since there is a lit doorway showing a tunnel into the tree. Yes, this is an unusual slot game from ELK, but it is a great one to see. He has the power, and he is holding strings of lights that light the way, including the logo for the game and the tunnel into the tree.

The five reels and various icons here are just as bright as you might expect, too. You will see some standard icons such as bells and cherries, but they all look very bright and neon in nature. Sam appears too, with a cheesy grin, and there are other characters who live in the world this story is based in.

Now, here is some good news - you could win up to 200,000 coins playing this slot. Meanwhile, you get the chance to enjoy special features brought to you by some of the characters in the game. For example, Sam brings you Sticky Wilds, and Sandra brings along some multipliers for another treat. Maggie has something too - Imploding Symbols! As you can see, it's all happening in this great new slot from ELK. Oh, and there is a regular wild here, and the bell triggers free spins to occur too. This just gets better and better!