Fruit vs Candy Slots - So Tasty!

We all know we should eat fruit rather than candy, but boy, that second option sure tastes nice! This game offers a chance to check out both, because you can click between playing with fruit on the reels or playing with candy. We guess it depends on whether you’re in a healthy mood or a not-so-healthy one! Maybe you’ll match your gaming snacks to whatever you see on the screen?

You can toggle between modes in Fruit vs Candy by selecting the button at the top right. Candy shows gummy bears, sticky candy sweets and lots more, while the fruit option shows cherries, kiwi, and berries. The background color changes, too. The scatter appears as a word and looks the same in each mode, as does the wild. You can also win up to 97,000 coins, no matter which mode you pick.

Each mode also has its own free spins feature. The Fruit Free Spins offer a Cash Stash Feature, while the Candy Free Spins offer you a Sweet Reel Feature. You can change between modes whenever you like, so we’d recommend switching from one to the other as soon as you’ve triggered and played the free spins feature in one mode.