Apex Legend of the Sphinx Slots

If you get any issues trying to locate this game online, try looking only for Legend of the Sphinx. You’ll see Apex is included in the title, but not all sources of this game add that for the sake of finding it in the search engines. Just a handy point to note before we move on with the game!

This title comes from Green Tube and was released in September 2017. Yes, it is yet another Egyptian-themed game, but we think there is still ample room for these. Lots of players love these games, and if they provide something different and are very playable and enjoyable, there is no reason to suppose there would be any issues with more titles being released.

Apex Legend of the Sphinx is a 5 x 3-formatted game with 25 paylines. The pyramids are used as the scatter symbol, and the head of the Sphinx itself can appear as a wild with a multiplier value over the top of it. The wild won’t replace the scatters, but if you can find three appearances of the pyramids in any combination, you will get some free games. The great thing about the free games is you get to ask the fabled Sphinx one question before they begin. You can either ask how many games you will get, or which multiplier you will get. Ask the former, and she could reward you with up to 20 free games. Ask about the multiplier, and you get 14 free games, but she will reward you with a multiplier worth up to x5. Which question will you ask of the Sphinx when you reach this stage of the game?