New Game The Explorer’s Quest Released by Zeus Play

Ancient Egypt, with it’s Pharos, pyramids, and tombs, sets the backdrop for the exciting new slot machine game from Zeus Play. Anyone who loves Ancient Egypt and slot machines should give this well designed and dynamic game a try. The story behind the Explorer’s Quest slot machine is that the game was hidden by a mythical Egyptian God named Nerul. Nerul came to Egypt from a distant galaxy in the year 2500 B.C. and was a beloved God. He buried the game when he died The game was later uncovered by a beautiful British-German archeologist named Vanessa in 1885 and has been made available. With a backstory like that, you know you can expect some really out of this world excitement from this slot machine game. The Explorer’s Quest slot game is a 9 reel slot machine with some exciting twists to keep you on your toes and keep the wins big. The Explorer’s Quest will be available May 18, 2017, so keep your eye out for it.

This Game has Tons of Bonus Features

As mentioned, The Explorer’s Quest is a 9 reel slot machine game with 10 lines. It also has 3 stops. The middle reel is a really unique feature that you do not always see in online slot machine games. This is a shared, or free, reel that lets you change the direction of the paylines, therefore increasing your prizes! The game also features wild symbols, and a bonus feature called Nerul’s Chest where you spin to try and with some of Nerul’s Treasure. Here you can collect coins and trigger free games. There is also a bonus game called Sarcophogus Draw where you can win free spins and up to 500 free games! The multitude of extra features make it easy to win and have fun with this slot. The well designed interface makes it easy to see your available money, bets, and payouts. There is also an auto play feature that allows you to preset a certain number of spins so that you can choose the level of interactivity while playing this game.

The game is designed by Zeus Play, a popular and high quality gaming company. Zeus Play has designed and released a lot of slot machine games including Eternal Desire, Dark Ninja, Snake Eyes, Arabian Dream, and Lady of the Forest. Any fan of their previous games should definitely give the Explorer’s Quest a try when it becomes available on May 18, 2017.