New Facebook Messenger Chatbot Comes to Paddy Power

Paddy Power Casino
Paddy Power is breaking new ground with the introduction of a chatbot designed to help players make bets via Facebook Messenger. The chatbot has been created by Onionsack, a provider of bet messaging facilities, and Paddy Power will be the first bookmaker to make it available to their customers.

Facebook users who are also members of Paddy Power will be able to connect the two together. Once this is done, it is easy for the player to log into their account and place bets. The chatbot makes life easier by helping the player to place their bets, even though it does not make the bets itself.

Finding betting selections, getting access to the latest news, and reading blog posts will all be possible thanks to the introduction of the new chatbot. It will be interesting to see how players react to this, and how long it will be before other bookmakers make the same facilities available to their players and members. Watch this space.