Asteroids Instant Win Slots

When you look at the title screen for this game, you’ll see the telltale word Atari at the top. That should give you a not-so-subtle clue to what awaits you here. The team behind the Asteroids Instant Win online slot game has created a slot that looks exactly like a gaming machine. It takes a moment to figure out what is happening, but we guarantee once you have tried it, you will love it.

The idea is to shoot at the asteroids floating by on the screen. If you reveal winning icons – and enough of them – you will win a prize. Simple, right? Well, yes, in theory, but we would recommend you look at the paytable and read the instructions for Asteroids Instant Win before you do anything else.

You must match three from nine items – gems – when hitting the asteroids. Do that, and a prize is yours. Each gem has a multiplier value, so they begin at x1 and go up to x10,000. Yep, that’s the one you will be going for. Aside from that, there is little else to contend with here, as that is the extent of the game. It’s different, but after playing it for a while, you may want to go back to a traditional slot.