Money Multiplier Slots

Incredible Technologies has been busy of late. They released the Money Multiplier slot game just prior to Christmas, but if you haven’t encountered it yet, we’d recommend you keep reading. The title screen reveals an arrow pointing to five multipliers, each one bigger than the last. So, does that mean we get a chance to play a game that could bring home some big prizes?

This is an unusual-looking game. It has five reels, but they are designed so they are not flat on the screen. They roll out toward you, which can take some getting used to. You’ll see various banknotes appearing in many denominations, with some familiar faces on them too. Hence why we get the Money Multiplier title, as we’ve seen both elements are involved here.

Money Multiplier gives you the chance to boost your odds of winning if you bet more. However, you should always play within your budget. Whenever you score a win, the game makes it easy to spot it because it uses an Angle Pay feature. The banknotes are angled to show where the wins occur. The wins you get may receive random multipliers worth up to x5, so you never know whether or when this might occur. If you get three or more of the Multiplying Free Spins icons, you get some free games, too. You’ll receive six free spins, but every time a spin results in a win, you get another one. The multiplier also increases from x1 to a maximum of x5, so you could end up winning more than you’d imagine.