Policies When Playing At 5Dimes

At 5Dimes Casino , as well as other top casinos, players should take the time to read and review all casino rules and regulations before signing up for an account and starting to play.

5Dimes is one of the more unique online sites offering a casino, live dealer casino, sportsbook, racebook and other specialized wagering options. At the casinos, there are several choices to play, each offering a range of games and slots that are designed to appeal to gamblers looking for different play options.

Security Features

One of the recommendations by the 5Dimes casino is to use the Device-based Authentication Service (DBAS). This prevents login information, including user names and passwords, from being used fraudulently used if stolen by hackers. For those depositing using Bitcoin or for high-value accounts this will be required by the casino.

With the DBAS in place, the account will send a code to the email address provided by the player during registration. This will be needed when using a device for the first time to unlock the player account. Once the code is submitted, it will not be required for subsequent logins from that device.

Correct Information

Players registering their account need to ensure they understand the applicable online gambling regulations base where they are playing. Players in a few countries are not eligible to play or register with 5Dimes.

Additionally, players must register the account with their legal name that matches their identification. The names cannot be modified or changed after the account has been created. Additionally, players must list a valid phone number and email address and provide identification as requested by the casino at any time.

The casino also encourages players to change their passwords every 60 days ad to choose passwords that are not offensive or contain pejorative terms. Any such passwords will ban the account from accessing the live assistance feature on the site.

Finally, customers can only have one account in their name through 5Dimes casino. This may also include limiting the number of accounts per household, IP address, phone number and email address unless approved by the management.