The Best Progressive Slot Titles on Online Gambling Platforms

Are you looking for some generous slot titles that can really boost your bankroll? Progressive slot titles are perhaps the best paying slot games in online casinos. This is because they offer massive wins that only increase more over time. If you play at a particular progressive slot game, you are of course not the only one who is enjoying it at that moment. There are probably hundreds or thousands of people who are spinning the reels of that slot machine at the same time.

The people who play that slot for real money, constantly pour cash into the game. A certain percentage of those coins then ends up in a special prize pool. And there will be only lucky player who eventually bursts that ever increasing prize bubble and takes home the mega loot. And with mega, you can think of dollar prizes that spike into the millions.

How to Win at Progressive Slots

Before we dive into mentioning some of the best progressive slot titles on online gambling platforms, it is a good idea to give a short explanation of how you can actually win progressive jackpot prizes. Luckily, it turns out that you do not have to make a lot of efforts to become rich instantly.

The only thing you need to do is bring a healthy bankroll to the game and make sure that your always place the maximum wager amount. However, keep in mind that you need a huge doze of luck as well, because there will be more players who are hunting for those mega jackpots in the best online progressive slot titles.

Get Down and Dirty With Super Diamond Mine Slots

If you don't do the work, you won't receive the rewards. The five reel and nine pay line Super Diamond Mine slot machine offers great rewards, but you need to work really hard in order to claim them.

Since this is a mine and diamond themed slot title, you have to grab your flashlight and your hard hat, because a thrilling trip under the ground is unavoidable. It is in the dark, deep and rough depths of the earth where the smooth and sparkling diamonds shine the brightest. You're on the trail of some big and lucrative examples, so work your way into the ground a bit more with a pick and some dynamite.

Who knows, you might blow and spin yourself an opening that will reveal the mother lode, so don't hesitate to get down and dirty in Super Diamond Mine Slots from developer RealTime Gaming.

Shop and Win Till You Drop With Shopping Spree Slots

Working hard can be really exhausting so sometimes it is necessary to relax. Put your feet on the table and stick your nose into a sales magazine, because it is time to plan a serious Shopping Spree.

Shopping and spree are words that girls love to combine and talk about. But they love it even more when they are able to put their money where their mouth is during an actual buying extravaganza.

But now with Shopping Spree Slots, it becomes even more alluring to go on a goodies purchasing marathon. Not only will you be able to enjoy the buying experience, but you will also be able to earn money while you do it.

Spin those gorgeous items on the five reels for some glorious window shopping galore. A lot of your favorite shopping items will be there, including perfumes, flowers, lipsticks, shoes and bags.

So it is time to feed your appetite for fashion, beauty and coins. Gamble and win till you drop with the nine pay line Shopping Spree Slots game from software producer RealTime Gaming.

Become the Ultimate Warrior and Hero in Gladiator Wars Slots

Gladiator Wars Slots is a game that takes you back to the glory days of the ancient Roman Empire. In that time, gladiators were perceived as heroes and icons. They were the rock star athletes of their time.

But despite all that glory, the lived violent and dangerous lives. They fought fiercely with their opponents, and losing the battle was almost certainly a death sentence. Luckily, the stakes are not so high on that particular aspect when you play the 243 pay line and 5 reel Gladiator Wars Slots title from developer Genesis Gaming, but they most certainly are on the aspects of money and honor.

Do you have the strength and intelligence to spin and fight yourself to profits in the slot reel arena from this game? Then display some courage and place those daring wagers that might give you the ultimate progressive cash prize. Of course, you will also win the respect from the emperor and his (gorgeous) entourage.

Enter the history books as the most successful, respected and wealthy gladiator in the Roman Empire. Your fame will echo through the eternal halls of the ancients, and that is a prospect that you should most certainly cherish.

Ruffle Some Feathers and Collect Some Coins in Birds of Fury Slots

Angry birds eat your heart out, because the seemingly cute looking animals in Birds of Fury Slots are not angry, they are furious. Prepare for a big storm because these little feather balls send some serious thunderclouds in your direction. But don't worry too much, because that is actually a good thing.

These birds need to be upset, because it is the emotion that will bring happiness in the form of precious slot game coins, which you can freely stuff into your pockets. So do your best to ruffle the feathers of these furious flying fowl, and make sure that none of them completes an anger management course, because fury is money in this funny, 25 pay line, 5 reel, progressive slot title from developer Genesis Gaming.

Desert Kingdom Slots Is a Treasure by Itself

Set about on a slot game adventure with Desert Kingdom Slots and be mesmerized by the charm of a desolated landscape that is baking in the sun. The vast emptiness of the place is extraordinary, but there is more than the eye can see. Various treasures are hidden beneath the sun baked sand. You can't see these treasures, but you know they are there.

Now it is time to dig them up during your adventurous dessert hike. And don't forget to look around as well when you're shoveling through the ground here and there. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the treasures, but the sight of the mysterious, barren landscape is a valuable treasure by itself. It will bury itself into your mind, and it will forever enrich your memories.

Remember to lay your eyes on the dessert animals as well when you’re having trouble finding those buried treasures. These animals also dig around a lot, and they know where those precious items are buried. Dig and explore in this 5 reel and 25 pay line slot creation from RealTime Gaming, so that you will have a great gambling adventure.

Act Like a Child While You Make Money as an Adult in Food Fight Slots

Realtime Gaming's Food Fight Slots evokes great memories from your childhood days, because back then you probably preferred to play with your food instead of actually eating it like a boring adult.

You will be happy to notice that this tasty game offers all your former food ammunition favorites, and you can be certain that they will make a great mess when they are thrown around or gobbled up.

Ice cream, hamburgers and pizza slices are waiting for you on the five reels of this nine pay line progressive game, and what to think of some delicious pies as dessert, or extra ammunition of course. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to relive your childhood while you make money as an adult. Don't let it pass!

Spin Yourself Financially Independent With Progressive Slots

Now that you know where you can find the biggest progressive prizes together with the highest and most enjoyable forms of casino slot game entertainment, it is time to go on a (jackpot) prize hunt yourself.

Pick your favorite title from the list, and don't forget to bring a big sack of money to the reels. These games give a lot but they cost a lot of well, and progressive winning chances are often very tight.

Luckily, there are also other available winning opportunities on the reels of these games. Even better, if you think that the possibility of winning one major prize is to low, then you can try the slot titles with a multitude of progressive winning opportunities, for example in bonus rounds.

Their massive prizes and often very enjoyable themes have made these slots immensely popular. If you are not on the fan list yet, then you should certainly try your luck at any of these money spewing slot title powerhouses. Visit a casino that supports these progressive themed titles, and with a bit of luck, you will spin yourself financially independent.