Incinerator Slots

What does Incinerator mean? We know what it is, of course, but in the world of slots you never know what to expect from a game with any title. The game has a machinery-type appearance which fits nicely with the name. Meanwhile, you will find lots of assorted metal bands and items on the five reels involved in the game.

Incinerator also has a wild pattern indicator to the left of those reels. This appears with different patterns in it as you play. There are 20 lines involved here as well, which means there is a lot to watch for and to play for… and to bet for, of course! The controls have been aligned to the bottom of the reels, and they too have been designed to fit with the overall theme.

The wild icon is hard to describe, but it appears in roughly a square shape with a light in the middle of it. There are two arrows top and bottom, pointing down and up respectively. You must get three wins in a row to trigger the wild pattern element of the Incinerator game. When this occurs, the symbols relating to the wild pattern will turn into wilds during that spin. You can also retrigger this feature if you are fortunate.